Countrywide Group

Countrywide - Car Rental

Countrywide Group consists of two divisions:
Countrywide Loans
Countrywide Car Rental

Our aim is to assist persons who have a problem with their credit rating to obtain credit through a personal loan, rent-to-own car scheme or bond-a-property.

We have various registered financial institutions that are willing to assist persons who have a problem with their credit record. (Terms and conditions do apply).

Our Services

Personal Loan


We offer Personal Loans for blacklisted individuals. We can help you when no one else can!


Rent-to-Own Vehicles


Rent a car from us for 60 months and pay 1 more installment, then the car is yours.


What we do

With these trying times where getting financing can be near impossible because of a bad credit score or being blacklisted, Countrywide Group offers an alternative and we try our utmost to assist people to get the finance they need.

We at Countrywide Group (CWGA) assist people, who are blacklisted, with personal loans, bonds for their property and we offer a unique rent-to-own vehicle plan where they can purchase a vehicle even if they are blacklisted, under administration, etc.